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Fusion Hybrid Stadium Blackjack- the new future for Blackjack

With a bigger push for a better selection of mobile casino games, there’ve been a few surprising changes to popular casino games as the technology has advanced. 

While it’s clearly suited to the online sphere since most games now come mobile optimised, there are a few that work really well in land-based casinos and are still being developed. One of the biggest movers and shakers in the mobile sphere is SG Gaming who’ve come up with a tablet based system that’s offering a fresh new spin on Blackjack.

Perhaps it’s better to start from the beginning, the Fusion Hybrid is a terminal-based device that connects players with live dealer casino games and features easy tabbing to switch between the games on offer as well as concurrent wagering so you can get in on the action on more than just the one game. 

Essentially, you get to flick between the tabs and have a certain amount of freedom which game you want to play without having to forfeit your spot at the table if it’s a popular game. While this is an excellent idea and a great way to bring live dealer games into the fore, the strongest new game among the ones being offered (Baccarat, Roulette and Sic Bo) is Blackjack. With this new set-up, Blackjack can offer a whole new style of play called Stadium Blackjack.

It starts like most Live Dealer Blackjack games with a player and the dealer, but where it differs is how the game accommodates multiple players. In a normal game of blackjack, the dealer would go around the table and offer to let someone hit or stand. How your fellow players play will have an impact on how the game pans out. 

For instance, if the player before you hits on 13 and gets a 7, the odds of you getting a 7 on your 14 go down as at least one has come out. This isn’t accounting for how one player hitting when they should stand could save the dealer from going bust and cost you all the win. But with Stadium Blackjack, the game shakes out a little differently. Every player gets dealt the same hand and the dealer always has the same single card in response. 

Essentially, everyone plays the same hand of Blackjack and how they choose to play it will have an impact on how the game pans out for them. For example, if player A chooses to hit on 12, they might get up to 19 but the dealer gets to reach 20 and win. 

If player B doesn’t choose to hit, the dealer will get player A’s card which might make them go bust. This style of play means that two players with the same hand can play it in different ways and get different results. 

This difference in play makes the game feel both personal and communal at the same time as everyone chooses how to play their hand independently.

This inventive adjustment to an old classic promises to revitalize the game of Blackjack for a new audience!
. Exchange Blackjack Guide Free guide to playing exchange blackjack

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