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Free guide explains how to play blackjack "with a twist."


Exchange Blackjack is essentially the same as normal, traditional blackjack with a few unique twists and turns. Here’s an overview.

I’ll assume you know what value a card has – everybody has played cards of some form before. Though just for “clarity”, in blackjack an ace can count as 1 or 11. Though there is something slightly different about hand rankings. Betfair have introduced a new hand called a “5 card Charlie” which comprises of any five cards with a total of 21 or less. Thus, the hand rankings for exchange blackjack are: a 5 card Charlie a Black Jack (an ace with a picture card or a ten) a hand with the highest point total (nineteen beats seventeen for example)

Player logic

You are not playing a hand yourself but instead betting on the outcome. The software does all the “playing” and it totally automated. Both player and dealer act in accordance with “player logic” so you always know exactly what player or dealer will do depending on the cards on the table. Actions are entirely pre-set. Obviously the cards are not. The deck of cards is “infinite.” Unlike normal blackjack doubling-down and splitting are not allowed. However – as in normal blackjack, the dealer has to draw cards (“hit”) if holding a total of 16 or below and stand on 17 or higher. 

Some examples of “player logic”: Player has 11, dealer has 7 = player always hits Player has 17, dealer has 10 = player always stands You can print off a chart directly from Betfair which shows exactly what the player will do so you always know.

I'm guessing that if you're reading this you are probably in to playing traditional blackjack also. And quite possibly enjoy playing your blackjack online these days what with all the options available to you. It's quick and convenient with lots of big bonuses and VIP player points and rewards available as well.

I have found that PartyCasino offers massive bonuses - not just for blackjack - as well as a very slick interface and with lots of other games available also. For example if poker is your thing you can win huge tournament pots and perhaps buy that new Boxter you've promised yourself..  

The game and betting rounds 

Each round of betting lasts for a given period of time as signified by the green bar underneath the dealer’s hand. The first round of betting takes place before any cards are dealt. At the end of that first round, cards are dealt. Two cards to each player, one card to the dealer. Another round of betting starts. 

Other rounds of betting follow up to a maximum of seven with cards dealt as necessary under player logic. The dealer’s second card is dealt at the end of round three. If the dealer now has 17 or more at this point the hand is over because the dealer has to stand. If the dealer is not forced to stand the dealer draws cards over subsequent betting rounds until being forced to stand or busting. The actual number will depend on how long it takes to find a winning hand – either the dealer busts, or is forced to stand or all four player bust out.

As hands are eliminated they are settled and removed for betting purposes. At the end of the hand, bets are settled with winnings credited to your account and losses debited before the next hand begins. There is – however – a “dead heat” rule. If there is a tie between the dealer’s hand and a player’s hand. For example the dealer and another player (or players) have hands of 18. In such instances, the odds are divided by 2 for settlement purposes. 

Beware of this as it means you could suffer a loss even though you backed a winning hand if it was a “dead heat.” I strongly suggest you watch a few hands to see how it all fits together and become familiar with how the betting rounds work, hands are eliminated, settlement takes place etc.

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